Officially Canceled, Development still ongoing

I left the release status as "active" till just right now, because I thought maybe after the last update I made I'd get some motivation to get back to working on this. That, unfortunately wasn't the case, and I'm officially marking it as canceled. 

 The major problem is I think expanding this was just a little too much for just me, and I'm the only one working on this.  My life has been a bit of a mess for awhile. I just got a paying job this year, and even then it's not a lot. I have health issues and get depressed easily. It's not really conductive to working on a computer by yourself for hours on end. 

I didn't really talk to real people for a long time. that kind of thing messes a person up. I think that's why it's hard for me to start working on this again. As much as I know there are people waiting for a full, finished version, I can barely work on it without thinking about that period of time when I wasn't really at the best I could be. Yeah, it wasn't that long ago, but that's the scary part. 

That's why I really just need cut it off here and stop side-lining or pushing it off. It's done. I'm probably not going to work on it. The only reason I added in the title that development isn't completely done is because I rarely completely stop working with stories that I've started. I may still eventually release something having to do with Veyrra and Ardien, Jason, Trish, and Karael. 

Another lesser issue is I stopped working with RPG Maker for a couple months. I tried working with some visual novel engines, and I don't quite like a good portion of them. I don't have any finished work from any of them, though. I've also thought of trying Unity, but my coding skills still aren't great, and as said I pretty much only work on my own. 

I know this is probably a bit of a downer, but admitting to failure isn't always a bad thing. It's better to know when to stop then to struggle if it isn't going anywhere.    

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