Update - January's Progress

Hey, thought I'd post an update before the month ends about how the rework is going. So far I've managed to get the beginning finished (it's a different intro to the one in the game jam version; this one features Ardien and a better start to the story) I have the battle system somewhat done, but I'll probably change the look of the UI a bit more and, of course, it needs more balancing.  The title screen is completely implemented, but that was one of the easy parts. 

I have some help from a composer and an artist so hopefully the game is going to start looking a bit more personalized in the coming months (I'm debating adding voice acting as well, but I may hold off in case any of the story I've written changes on putting it into the actual game)  I'm also still looking for help from somebody who can do sprite art (at least better than I can) and a scripter (javascript, it's what MV uses) There's a recruitment thread hereif you want to see the details.

Edit: Changed my mind, I've put up a casting call at Casting Call Club though I'll also be keeping an eye out for emails with the character name and Veyrra in the subject line at smallhobbit365@gmail.com just in case.

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