Veyrra demo released!

People have probably already noticed, but I put up a demo for Veyrra. There's multiple reasons for this, but the major one is I need to take a little time off to teach myself javascript because there's things that I can't do through eventing but would like to still do (and it's a little hard to find anyone that wants to help out, unfortunately) I'd also like to hopefully get some constructive criticism and have more than just me looking at it (I sometimes feel like I'm driving myself crazy with all the bug testing, which is another reason why I'll be taking a short break) 

I'm not sure how many over here are from my tumblr blog, but I've also been having a few health issues (some caused by my own negligence because I forgot to take my medication over a couple days and some of it was due to having the flu for a bit)  I am feeling slightly better, but there are still a few worrying issues that I should probably go to see a doctor about.


Veyrra Demo 194 MB
Mar 03, 2018

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