Current Overview and Some Questions

So, I originally thought I'd have this done by the end of this year. That's looking less like a possibility, but I am at least getting more done.

I've recently sat down to rework the story and decided that instead of starting at the Outer Wastes (this is the section the demo currently starts with) it'd be better to start with Jason with a slight section on Earth before switching to Veyrra. This gives a bit of a better introduction to the game, plus Jason doesn't randomly seem to just be on the planet (The start's going to have... not so much as an explanation, but I'm sure there's going to be people who can connect dots anyway)

The major reason for pushing back  the release (besides reorganizing the story) is that I'll probably be doing most of the art myself. I'm not really a horrendous artist; I did a bit of drawing back in high school (it was pretty much fan art. Though I will admit I traced a lot and mostly did the coloring) I'm hoping even with the minimal amount of time I have to work on this right now (I'm currently doing volunteer work at a school) I'll still be able to get at least most of the character art finished, especially since I know what I want all of them to look like.

The other issue is I'm still struggling with the battle system. I don't want to pull it out entirely, so my current thought is to limit it down to just a few skills each per character and set a few as auto only (like Kain and the Succubus; although I'm thinking of changing Karael and the Succubus into full on party summons that only a few characters can access. I may make that part of the relationship system since I don't want to remove that either since it kind of supports some of the story points I have in mind)

In non-major things, but things I'd like to do (but not sure if there's interest in) I've been thinking of live streaming occasionally (when I have the time to) though I'm not sure if anyone would actually like to watch my process since it can get a bit hectic (I tend to have multiple projects open because I like to look up how I did things in a different game) I don't know how widely this is going to be seen, but I did make a poll here if anyone wants to vote on that.

There are a few other things I'm tetering on (like how adult I should make the final game and other things that I just need a second opinion on because I keep second guessing) but those are going to take a lot longer to figure out.

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