Hey, thought I should update since I have been quiet on this for a fair bit of time now. First off, I am still working on this, I just have full days on top of trying to get this project into a playble form (with a lot less bugs than there were in the last demo I released)

On that, though, I think I've landed on a way to streamline the story properly without it being to odd (I peropnally felt just jumping between Ardien and Jason was causing a few unresolvable plot holes) I'm going to be implementing a character select at the begining anf hopefully will have a new game plus setup as well so that there's some incentive to play through both sides (I was already planing on multipule endings, so a new game plus might work for that as well)

Just to make it clear, doing it this way Ardien section will pretty much start where the demo is (maybe a little earlier for better context)  and Jason's will start in his apartment on Earth (though I've decided agaisnt giving any explaiantion as to how he got to Veyrra)

I'm also having to change a lot with the battle system (the summoning script I was using before wasn't working out that well. I have a new one, but I haven't had time to test it yet) I'm hoping to add a bit more stratagy than was in the demo, though that might take some serious time to implement (especially with the ideas I have in mind)

On top of all that I changed the title screen:

Now of coure the title screen didn't really need to be changed, but at the same time I was only making it qauzi HD which really didn't make much sense with the way I've been making the maps so far (only a few have been on the large size, and even then I tend to zoom in anyway) I decided to change to using 720p, which actually caused some things to need resizing and changing around, but so far is actually a bit better. I think I may edit the sprites at some point. It's not going to be anything really involved; I'm just thinking of making them a bit taller (the RTP always looks short and pudgy to me, which doesn't really suit the mood I'm going for) That may have to wait till I get more of the kinks ironed out.

Oh, and if I can manage I hope to either start streaming or record dev videos on my days off (That would be Monday and Thursday currently) If I do it'll most likely be to my twich channel here or my youtube channel here.

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