Sidelining Project till May; Longer Explaintion Contained

I'm going to cross-post this in a couple different places just to get the word out. Originally on my site here

I stated before that I’m getting burnt out; well the reason I’m putting Veyrra aside now goes a bit beyond that. I’ve started volunteering at an elementary school which is taking a good portion of my time (I’m there the full time as an aid helping in whatever way I’m needed)

Veyrra is a very intensive project (especially since I’m doing pretty much all the work myself) so I don’t always have the energy or focus necessary to continue working everyday (and it has a lot that needs constant work at this point) That’s why I came up with three different solutions for this:

  1. Simplify the original concept by removing many features and split paths (it would probably end up being just a linear story) so it can be finished a lot sooner
  2. Work at the same scope I am now, but it would take much longer than I thought (2-3 years, maybe more)

I personally don’t like it when games get rushed in development and end up being shipped in a noticeably unfinished state. I know it happens for various different reasons (strict deadlines, executive meddling, nowadays early access release with no subsequent updates or belief that the full features can be patched in later) That’s why to keep Veyrra up to the best quality possible I’d like to put it on hold until I  can focus on it a bit better.

It doesn’t mean I’ll be stopping work completely. I still haven’t gotten the tech system working, and it’d be better to practice my scripting outside of the actual project so I don’t screw anything up (I know that’s probably a little hard to do with the way MV is setup, but I’m still getting started with it and I’m sure I’ll mess something up) I’d also like to learn how to make Live2D models. I’m not sure I’ll be using them for Veyrra just yet (I haven’t heard back from the artist in about a year, so that probably isn’t happening anymore) but I’d like to at least try and test it out, because I’d like to have the characters have some motion to them. Unfortunately, most of the other things I’ve tried still looks stiff or need a lot of work while implementing to get the effect. I’ll probably at least try to see if I can figure out how to get that to work over the next few days (the various tutorials I’ve seen make it look fairly straight forward, once you have the proper parts separated out) and I own a copy of Visual Novel Maker which already has Live2D SDK built in (at least it has DLC that I bought with it because I thought I’d eventually try use it) I’ll probably just try to see if I can figure out how to add the SDK to MV instead since I tend to use that more (There’s probably somebody who’s already figured it out. It’d be better to find that before trying myself, since I’m sure implementing an SDK is WAY above my current level right now)

So, basically just updating what I’m up to right now. Hopefully I’ll get some system test builds or even work on a VN (I have one in the works currently) showing off some of the more visual stuff I’d like to be able to eventually do. I’ll also at least try to update a bit more (it’s a little hard because I’m not really social by nature, so I don’t really feel comfortable sharing all that much. I do understand that people generally like it when things are upfront and honest, though, so that’s why I’ll at least try)

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