Short Update: Might push back futher

Short cross-post from my blog (longer post avalible here)

So, to start off with I'm probably going to work on Veyrra's battle system separately since it's what seriously needs the most work at this point (I pretty much know what I'm doing for all the other systems. Everything else generally functions okay. The story's still a bit iffy in parts, but I'm probably going to just slim it down and remove a lot of the extra pieces I wanted to do at this point) I'm highly considering waiting for the MV version of the Luna engine release this June, since I had that for Ace and it would really help with the issues I've been having with the menus (I wouldn't have to trial and error quite as much myself)

I'm already fairly sure I'm going to be behind on the self-imposed deadline I set (to finish it by December) so I'm not all that worried on holding it back another month. Besides, it turns out I was off by a month on when I'd start having more free time (ah well; these things happen)

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