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Mycroft Holden is an inspector for the International Division… well, not yet exactly. Every inspector is expected to pass a certification test first, but unfortunately quite a few extenuating circumstances have been holding Mycroft back. Will this finally be his chance, or is something else waiting just to get in the way?

This is a game I made for the 2015 IGMC; unfortunately the contest version had some bugs that caused it to crash when playing with a keyboard (I designed it to be played with a mouse, but since it was made in Ace nobody seemed to follow that) This is instead a slightly updated version fixing a few of those errors (though there are some that I just can't fix without seriously reworking the code; I may at some point just remake it in MV instead)

Release date Aug 11, 2015
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, RPG Maker
Average sessionA few minutes
Linksrpgmaker.net page

Install instructions

These are the bugfix versions (if people really want I can upload the contest version)

There's two different ones;

EXE: is just the regular complied version that's made through Ace, just download it and double click the blue box icon then pick where you want to extract the game to (it's not exactly that fancy)

zip: is just because people occasionally have problems downloading or extracting properly from Ace's EXE. Pretty much same directions as the EXE only some people may need a program to extract it (7zip is a good alternative to the paid options)

Neither needs the RTP (I set it up that way because the contest required all the files be present with the download and RPGMaker Ace's RTP can cause a lot of bloat)


ISAS build2.exe 94 MB
ISAS build2.zip 96 MB

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