A downloadable game for Windows

(Game is unfinished. It is also my first time trying horror. Would rather it not be voted on if possible. Thank you for understanding)

Living Death is currently a short branching horror adventure, originally built for the Pixel Horror Jam held July 1 to October 31 2017 .  It currently has:

  • One "guide" (was going to have two; will re-implement the other later)
  • A total of 3 maps
  • at least 2 good endings (maybe more depending your opinion on "good" and "bad")
  • 3 "bad" endings (this is more due to the fact that I don't feel I have the time to implement all the story I wan to; will come back later and expand on all these)
  • Hopefully minimal jump scares (I can't stand them, and I'm sure others are sick of them too) 

I'm not sure if I have to put this or not, but it has themes of isolation, and there's very minor violence (nothing is shown, just heavily implied)   

The Pixel Horror Jam logo in-game isn't technically the right one but that's because I didn't realize that they'd changed the logo and I recently bought a new computer that's having a bit of a problem working with my removable hard drive (which is where I store my RPG Maker Projects) If I manage to transfer the project over okay I'll fix the logo, but for the time being I'm leaving it due to concerns of not wanting to corrupt the game files. 

Update: Made a really quick fix to enable saving (I think the script I was using didn't like the fact that I was trying to separately call the save and load screens so it broke) not sure how to deal with the lag in the menu, though. 

Install instructions

The game should just run when clicked.


Living_Death_0.5.exe 183 MB


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Agree with the previous comments' points, but definitely has potential.

I like the idea but some problems....Save doesn't work and the menu is a bit laggy.