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Just some random UI stuff I've done that I feel like sharing (in case anyone else is interested in having it)

Updated! Merry Christmas, everyone, have some UIs I made for projects that either didn't pan out or I'm still working on. (they're in the Game UIs zip) There might be a little overlap because I do tend to reuse some stuff (why make something all over again when it's already been made once) Though I wasn't able to find psd files for some of them, so I may have to dig a bit deeper into my files and see if I can find those again.

A lot of them are at a bit of an odd resolution (they were made for RPG Maker VX Ace which only has a max of 640x480; the ones that weren't were made at 1104x624 which I realize may also be a bit strange) though I promise there's a lot more to come.

(screenshots are just to show off what some of them look like; the provided files themselves are left relatively blank)

To people interested in commerial use: you don't have to donate, just credit (lemongreen is fine) and a copy of the game (or whatever use) would be nice.

Though a donation would be nice if you really found it that useful.


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Hi, your asset is great! Can I use it in a commercial way? 

I haven't really thought much on that. As long as you credit me (just lemongreen is fine) and at the very least I get a copy when it's done I don't see why not. I'll be sure to edit that into the description since I'm sure others will want to know that at some point as well (especially if I ever do get around to adding more, since I now have ones setup for 720p)

OK. Thanks!