Laptop Died

My laptop has been on it's last legs for awhile, but it has finally decided to just stop turning on at all. Unfortunately, the battery is inbuilt and I can't find a replacement (not to mention 2 of the screws are striped so I can't open the case, anyway) Thankfully, I had a good portion of my past projects on my removable hard drive, though I did have a removable hard drive die on me once and lost all of the past projects I had on that (They were when I was just starting out, though, so it's probably for the best)

In actually related news, with all of this I've decided to simplify down even more than what I was to get this done faster. I know it's annoying, but I'm really considering spiting it all down into multiple different parts (I at least need to make two different games, because I want to follow both Jason and Adrien; trying to combine them is juggling way too many systems at once)  I'm also considering removing/simplifying systems that I've planned because it just feels like this is taking too much time to finish up. 

I'm gonna step back for a bit and focus on doing a few game jams instead, just to get something done. I also have some plugins I'd like to mess around with and I'd like to learn either Unity or Unreal Engine (along with Blender, but I've at least messed around with Blender in the past) 

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