Not as positive of an update

Even though I'm not actually going to stop working on this, I've officially marked it as "canceled" today. The reason why (even though I promised to finish a demo soon) is because there's a lot of issues still that I need to figure out before I can even get a demo out. For one, the battle system is still a mess (I'm thinking of just simplifying it even more, if possible) Another is a script I was planning on using for puzzles keeps breaking (thankfully it doesn't effect anything else so I can easily just remove it)

Though the issue that's causing the most hang-ups is my own health. I don't know if I've stated it here before, but I'm epileptic. It's not usually that much of a problem. I'm not really sure what's different lately, but I've been feeling really stressed off and on (which isn't helping my head any) It gets really hard to feel motivated to just stare at a screen to do anything when your head's not feeling right (in any way)

Because of that, I'm calling this "canceled" even though I'm probably going to be continuing to work on it (my personal health is more important than a game project) I'm probably going to still take the time to try to work on smaller things (if I can manage) along with work on this when I can. 

I'm sorry for having such a quick turn around. I'm still hoping to get it into a finished state.  It's just going to take much longer than I thought. It doesn't really help that I'm working on my own, so any issues to my health set things back by a lot. I sometimes forget I'm not exactly normal.

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Health is definitely more important. Take it easy, and take care of yourself. All the best to you!