Switching Game Engines (and styles)

I probably should have updated here earlier, but I've settled on switching from using RPG Maker. I really think most of the issues I'm running into are do to the engine not wanting to work the way I'm trying to make it to. Instead, I'm switching to Unreal Engine. Yes, I realize that's a bit of an extreme jump, and a lot of people would suggest Unity (which for some reason rarely works right for me; not sure why) The thing is, I do have some experience with 3D (since I'm pretty sure most of the issues were due to trying to do 2.5D I'm just going to do full 3D) and Unreal Engine isn't that hard (at least to me) It also helps that it has a lot of what I've been trying to use already built in, and what it doesn't have is easy enough to build in (and is able to be made modular so if something breaks it doesn't make the ENTIRE game nonfunctional; it's a lot easier to debug what's wrong that way)  

Since I am switching engines, I'm going to put up a new page (I don't have it ready yet; there's a lot I need to change around) I am going to reveal some of the character designs, because they have, of course, changed again (I don't have all the characters yet, because I'm working on my own right now. Plus, I'm going to have to do ALL the characters. I am keeping my eye out for things that will make this easier, and I'm treating this as more of a side project right now)

I'm planning on making an entirely new page since jumping from RPG Maker to Unreal Engine is a bit of a big jump. I don't really have it anywhere near started yet, because as stated earlier I've been treating this as more of a side project. Instead I've still been focusing on just learning how Unreal Engine functions. I'll probably do a few small projects just to make sure I don't screw anything up severely.

Anyway, here's how the playable characters currently look; 



3D model: https://hub.vroid.com/en/characters/1999135261092432229/models/86122385180073679... (may have to be logged in to see it; I think I can bump down the rating if that's the case. At least on this one)

There are some issues, but it's most likely things that just irk me than actual issues with the model.


Sprites  (Yes, I know this is the general succubus sprite, that's one of the things I mean by making things easier)

3D models: https://hub.vroid.com/en/characters/5172859172920071581/models/56626209830793021... (may also not be visible; I don't think I can remove the restriction on some of these, though) 

For Trish, I couldn't decide which way I wanted to go, so I made two different styles. I'm not sure if I'll use both. I'm not sure how many actually care, but I thought I'd still ask for opinions on which looks better.

I also based the succubus form on the more general design just to save some time (she did have her own, but they're all supposed to look the same)



3D models: https://hub.vroid.com/en/characters/8484362072619277326/models/55763185712413566... (at least one of these isn't age restricted; I can probably take the restriction off the other)

There are some issues (probably just small nitpick things that only bother me) but Jason turned out pretty well I think (unfortunately something weird caused my ENTIRE computer to shut down, which is why both pictures look different. Otherwise they'd have the same size and color grading)


(I feel a little bad that Karael never made it into any of the demos so far; he's probably become my favorite)


3D models: https://hub.vroid.com/en/characters/6197294075890780093/models/13048383663389425... (At least one of these isn't restricted, I don't think I can remove the restriction on the other)

I don't think I actually shared it, but I actually did have two different sprites for Karael; the name I gave the other on Vroid Hub is kind of spoilerly, but it's information that's revealed fairly early in the story) 

I'll make sure to link the new page as soon as it's done (all I'm going to say is don't expect it too soon; again, I'm working alone and there's a lot I still have to learn before I can fully get to this, but I wanted to update what's been going on)

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