Update: General Question

Just wanted to say that I am still working on this, I'm just currently stuck between three different battle systems and I'm considering including all of them, though that may be more work than worth the payoff.

I’m not really sure I want to release another demo (especially since I can’t decide on the battle system) so I was wondering if anyone would be interested in beta testing the game for me?

I don’t really have the logistics figured out of how I’m going to handle beta testing, but I do need somebody besides me playing through it. My first thought is either Discord or through something like Patreon (though I’d rather not have it be under a charge unless it’s at about or less than what it would be at full price with a free key of the full version, which I’m considering to put it between $5-15 though I’d still like to keep some free option for people)

A more personal but probably slightly more important issue is I've started having strange heart issues. I'm hoping it's just stress, but it's still worrying. I know it's not really something I should probably share, but it's important that you out there also know what's going on since I'm only one person. 

I really do want to finish this at the best quality I can. I'm also going to try to be a bit more transparent about what's going on. 

I put together a short (3 questions) poll here (none of the questions are required, so feel free to look over it) I'll check over it in a couple days and decide from there. 

Thanks in advance to anyone who responds, and please stay safe out there.  

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